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1. Is there a limit to the number of text I can send?

No. We have not set any limits at this time.

2. I sent an SMS but recipient did not receive it. Why?

There are a number of factors and most of the time it may just be delayed due to network congestion. Please give it a few more minutes. Make sure you also typed the recipient's correct mobile number and double check before pressing send.

3. Can I send to any network?

Yes, our system accepts all major networks in the Philippines (Sun, Smart and Globe).

4. Why is this free? Are you legit?

We have been in the prepaid load retailing business for a number of years. This is our way of giving back. Our system is backed with years of experience in this industry so, yes we are legit.

5. Why is there a delay in the arrival of my message(s)?

We process the messages on a first-come first-served basis so if there are 20 other users who sent their messages ahead of you their messages will be sent first and so on. Also top of the priority of our gateway are the messages of the premium users. So even if your message is on the top of the queue but there are plenty of messages sent by the premium users their messages will be sent ahead of the free ones.

6. How do I contact you for some other concerns?

Send us a private message on FreeSMSPh.